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The German Rex

German Rex Cats' Club
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About the Club

This club has been formed following the demise of the club founded by Ilona Jänicke and Andrea Edel in 2002. (See "The new beginning".) Their original objectives are still viable today, but now that the breed has developed so much outside the German borders, a club with a more international flavour makes better sense.

The membership of this club is open to anyone who is a breeder, owner, or just interested in the German Rex breed. There is no Constitution as such - the website itself provides all the information about the breed, the cats, and the people. We will endeavour to include all possible contemporary and historical information here. Anyone who has information of interest, please contact the webmaster. That includes all your cattery, show, cat, and kitten news.

Associated with the GRXCC is a Yahoo! discussion group where everything about the breed can be discussed. You can join the Group via the link below.



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